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About SOM

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The School of Management of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was set up in 1979 and it has developed from the initial Department of Engineering Economics, Department of Management Engineering, School of Economic Management and School of Business Administration to the current School of management.

The SOM has an excellent faculty team being familiar with the world’s advanced management idea and Chinese enterprises development experience. Now, there are 120 full-time teachers, including 51 professors, 45 associate professors and 24 lecturers, the teachers with doctoral degree accounting for 96%. The teachers of School of Management include 2 Distinguished Professors of Yangtze River Scholar, 2 chair professors of Yangtze River Scholar, 2 young scholars of Yangtze River Scholar (having been published), 1 innovation research group of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 winners of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 8 participants of New Century Talent of the Ministry of Education, 12 teachers of Hubei Chutian Scholar Program, 1 teacher of Hubei “Hundred Talents Program” and 3, 6 and 13 teachers respectively from leading post, distinguished post and morning star post in “Huazhong Scholar”. The SOM also employed more than 100 experts, scholars and industry elites with profound academic credentials and rich experience as consultant professors, part-time professors or tutors in the industry.

The SOM now has a total of 7 departments including Department of Production Operations and Logistics Management, Department of Management Science and Information Management, Department of Business Administration, Department of Financial Management, Department of Finance, Accounting Department, Department of Financial Management and Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property, with 2 first-level discipline Doctor’s degree programs and post-doctoral research stations including Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration, where Management Science and Engineering is a National Key (Cultivation) Discipline while Business Administration is a Key Discipline of Hubei Province. There are a total of 6 Academic Master's degree programs including Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management, Technology Economy and Management, Accounting, Intellectual Property Management and Economic Law, 3 Professional Master's degree programs in total including Master of Business Administration (MBA/EMBA), Master of Accounting and Engineering Management, and 7 Undergraduate majors and Business Administration Double-degree majors including Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Finance, Information Management and Information System, and Logistics Management. In 2000, the MBA of the School of Management passed the qualification assessments organized by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council and National MBA Education Instruction Committee, ranking 7th in the first two batch of pilot schools. In 2002, the School of Management was approved as a member of EMBA pilot unit in the first batch approved by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council. In 2006, the School of Management ranked 4th in the schools of management among 30 universities in China in terms of scientific research capacity. In 2012, the School of Management passed the verification of the Association of MBA (AMBA), which is one of three major verification authorities in the world. In 2016, the School of Management successfully passed AMBA re-verification and won a maximum verification duration of 5 years, and in November 2019, the school will usher in a field verification of AACSB. In 2017, the Business Administration in the School of Management gained A- and Management Science and Engineering gained B+ in the 4th round China Discipline Ranking organized by the Ministry of Education, and in 2017 ARWU China best disciplines, the discipline of Management Science and Engineering in our school and Tsinghua University tied to rank top 1% in China, ranking second in China and it is also one of the two disciplines in our school ranking top 1% in China. In 2018 ARWU China best disciplines, the discipline of Management Science and Engineering in our school kept up the ranking in 2017, with Tsinghua University tied to rank top 1% in China and ranking 2nd in China, still one of the two disciplines in our school ranking top 1% in China, and was selected for the discipline group construction of Double First-class “management and communication” in our university; in terms of ARWU, Business Administration and Management in our school respectively ranked 3rd and 5th in Mainland China and the discipline of Business Administration was selected as the school’s characteristic discipline (Category I). In 2019, for ARWU, the discipline of Business Administration in our school contiguously ranked 2nd in the universities of Mainland China and the Management ranked 4th in the universities of Mainland China.

The School of Management has strong scientific research strength and has undertaken more than 1,500 research projects at the national, provincial (ministerial) and enterprise levels, and has taken nearly 300 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund, including 1 project related to Innovation Group, 1 project related to Science Fund for National Distinguished Youth, 3 projects related to Science Fund of Excellent Youth, 16 key international (regional) cooperative research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and 4 major projects of the National Social Science Fund. From 2014 to 2018, our school published 480 papers in the SCI/SSCI, and published 31 papers (24 kinds) in the UT DALLAS, an internationally recognized authority (top) journal catalogue for economic management. The School of Management also obtained the “University Leadership Award” from CASA/SME due to outstanding achievements in the research of 863/SSCI, which further improved the influence of the ESI discipline of the school. According to the statistics of the ESI Discipline Department Contribution Report of HUST for 2019 (2008-2018), the School of Management published 754 papers related to ESI disciplines, with a total of 7254 citations, and each of them was cited 9.62 times on average, involving 14 disciplines. Contribution of the School of Management ranks first in the fields of economics and business, as well as psychiatry and psychology, and ranks 2nd in the social science. The influence of the School of Management is dominant on the characteristic disciplines. In 2005, the “Modern Information Management and Research Center” of the school was approved to be Hubei Provincial Humanities & Social Sciences Key Research Base. In 2009, the “Intellectual Property and Knowledge Innovation Research Center” of the school was approved to be a Strategic Research Base of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, the School of Management was approved to be “Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Innovation and Soft Science Research Base”. Besides, the School of Management also has more than 30 research institutions such as China (southern) Poverty Reduction and Development Research Institute and Independent Innovation and Technology Reward Research Center (school level). “Hubei Provincial Technology Economy and Management Modernization Research Society”, “Industrial Engineering Committee of Hubei Provincial Mechanical Engineering Academy” and “Computer Simulation Branch of the Research Society for China Optimization Method, Overall Planning Method and Economic Mathematics” are also subordinate to the School of Management.

In the past 40 years, the School of Management cultivated nearly 30,000 students of various majors. During the cultivation, the school improved students’ competitiveness with four education platforms namely “elite awareness, global view, practice capacity and humanistic quality”, and won gold and silver awards for many consecutive years in a lot of contests, such as “Chuangqingchu” China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, “Challenge Cup” China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Planning Competition, China College Students’ Logistic Design Competition, CIMA International Business Elite Challenge, Deloitte Tax Championship and other major discipline competitions. In 2014, a student won the unique Individual award of “Future Business Leader” in the CIMA International Business Elite Challenge. The graduates of the School are highly popular with the society with the one-time employment rate up to 95%, and nearly 50% of the students continue their studies in domestic and overseas well-known universities. Our students are working for world top 500, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and major institutions, scientific research institutes and government agencies, etc.

The School of Management has been actively performing wide and in-depth communication and cooperation with overseas and international schools and institutions, involving more than 10 countries and regions including USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At the same time, as a professional management research institute, the School of Management provides consultation and training services for the society covering national, regional and industrial development planning, enterprise strategy, information management, e-commerce, production operation, logistics management, marketing, human resources, financial accounting, innovation management, finance, intellectual property and quality control, etc., which have brought positive social benefits. The powerful strength and development prospects also attracted social attentions, either of the famous enterprises building cooperation bases with the School of Management, or supporting the development of the School of Management through donation. Some of the professors of the school were invited to work as consultants or independent directors. In 2010, the General Armament Department of PLA officially approve the School of Management to set up the “National Defense Intellectual Property Education and Training Base of the National Defense Patent Office for General Armament Department”; in 2011, the organization department, provincial SASAC and provincial economy and IT commission of Hubei Province approved the School of Management to set up “Hubei Provincial Entrepreneur Training Base”.

The School of Management has complete institutional settings, including 14 management service agencies such as Party and government office, Discipline and Research Management Office, International Affairs Office, Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching Management Office, Student Affairs Office, MBA Education Center, EMBA Education Center, MPACC Education Center, EDP Center and Alumni office. The academic periodical Journal of Management undertaken by the School of Management was rated as “Authoritative Journal” in 2014 in the Evaluation Report of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Journal released by Chinese Center of Social Science Evaluation, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and rated as “Authoritative Journal” and “The most Influential Chinese Academic Journal in 2016” (TOP5 journal) respectively in 2015 and 2016 in the evaluation of Chinese academic journals by RCCSE. The “Anheuser-Busch Library” jointly built with American Anheuser-Busch company is the most distinctive management library in China.

The School of Management aims to create a China first-class and internationally recognized School of Management: make the School of Management as a first-class business school in China by 2020; and upgrade it as an internationally recognized business school by 2035.