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Current Leaders

English - School Profile - Current Leaders

Current Leaders

Li JinhuaHonorary Dean


Wang ZongjunProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean

    In charge of school administration, strategic discipline planning and faculty construction, as well as EMBA and financial work

Long LirongProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant Dean

    Assist MBA, Mpacc, engineering management and the case center work

Lu YaobinProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant Dean

    Assist discipline construction, R&D, academic exchange, base construction, journal and library work

Zhang KezhongProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant Dean

    Assist undergraduate teaching, laboratory work and practice base affairs

Yang ZhiProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant Dean

    Assist graduate teaching, cost analysis and budget management

Deng ShimingProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant Dean

Wang HaijunProfessor, Doctoral Supervisor, Assistant to the Dean

Dai XinAssociate Professor, Assistant to the Dean

Current Leaders

Jin Lingzhi

    In charge of party affairs of the school, safety work, talent import and personnel affairs

Li Song

    Assist student work, publicity work and alumni work

Members of CPC Committee

Jin LingzhiParty Secretary


Li SongDeputy Party Secretary

    Li Song

Wang ZongjunMember in Charge of Organization

    Wang Zongjun

Long LirongMember in Charge of Publicity

    Long Lirong

Lu YaobinMember in Charge of United Front


Zhang KezhongMember in Charge of Recreation & Sports


Yang ZhiMember in Charge of Youth Affairs


Wang HaijunMember in Charge of Defense Work


Tian ZhilongMember in Charge of Studies


Members of Discipline Inspection Commission

Zhang KezhongSecretary of Discipline Inspection Commission

    Zhang Kezhon

Wang XiangyangMember of Discipline Inspection Commission


Liu LiMember of Discipline Inspection Commission


Liu QiliangMember of Discipline Inspection Commission


Cai ShuqinMember of Discipline Inspection Commission