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Academic Master Programs
The School cultivates postgraduates via projects in research centers. Now we have 6 academic master programs:
Management Science and Engineering 文件类型: .pdf
Technological Economics and Management 文件类型: .pdf
Enterprise Management 文件类型: .pdf
Economics Law 文件类型: .pdf
Accounting 文件类型: .pdf
Intellectual Property Management 文件类型: .pdf

Professional Programs includes:
Master of Accounting 文件类型: .pdf
Master of Assets Assessment 文件类型: .pdf
Master of Auditing 文件类型: .pdf
Master of Engineering(covering 3 majors) 
   • Logistics Engineering 文件类型: .pdf
   • Industrial Engineering  文件类型: .pdf 
   • Engineering Management 文件类型: .pdf

Release date:2015-05-01