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“Spring Memories" Dean Talk and Second Session of Student Leaders Growth Training Camp Held Successfully

On the afeternoon of 17th, May 2015, the School held “Spring Memories” Student Leaders-Dean Talk and the fourth Growth Training Camp for Students Leaders. Dean Wang Zongjun, deputy secretary of general party branch Zhou Zhijiao and all instructors in Student Work Office presented the activity and secretary of youth league branch Liu Wenwen was the presenter.
First, Liu led trainees to read the evaluation notice for trainees and emphasized the importance of the training camp. Later, the representatives of each group shared the experience of studying the important speech “Four Entrances and Four Beliefs” delivered by president Xi Jinping.

Next, “Spring Memories” Dean Talk was formally staged. Wang Zong sat with students together and shared his own opinion with everyone on “Elite Horizon and Leadership Feeling”. Wang put forward the “Pareto principle” and showed his wish for trainees to be the top 20% elites. He also explained the meaning of “Horizon, leadership and feeling”, namely, horizon was eyesight and opinions on something; leadership was a relative concept, which can be ranged from national leader Chairman Mao to leaders in a small scale organization while feeling was mind and attitude. In addition, he proposed “Two forces” for growth: learning ability and management ability. As for learning ability, the Dean expressed that the learning methods develop rapidly in modern times while research and thinking ability were stable, therefore, importance should be attached to the interaction of different issues and thinking actively to find solutions. Wang took the experience of MBA and undergraduate teaching as an example and encourages trainees to try in different means so as to improve themselves. He also pointed out that management was that pushing others to finish tasks and introduced the several development stages of management and gave an opposite example “second generation phenomenon”. Finally, he came up with several requisitions, namely honesty, responsibility and law awareness.

During the interaction session, the trainee Xiao Yuyang raised her puzzlement whether incentive theory of 5% and 80% was applicable. Wang explained that different incentive theories should be applied to analyze phenomena difference.

In the end, all members took a group photo nostalgia, which marked the success of the activity

Release date:2015-05-17
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