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EMBA Program

  The EMBA Programme aims to turn out elite management and enterprise leaders with global strategy, decision making abilities and leadership skills.

  The School was first authorized to introduce an EMBA Programme in 2002, one of the first 30 b-schools in China. In 2005 it went through the EMBA appraisal process undertaken by the Degree Office under the State Council. The number of EMBA graduates from the School has now exceeded 1500. After almost a decade’s development, the School’s EMBA Programme demonstrates the following competitive facets:

  Internationalized faculty: Overseas professors account for 11% of the EMBA teaching faculty. Local faculty members possess global vision or come from an overseas background.

  High-end international exchange platform: Students are exposed to international environments through organizing overseas study tours in association with leading institutions worldwide. This broadens EMBA students’ horizons and provides them with background experience when engaging with global affairs.

  Curriculum with focus on strategic management and decision-making ability: Taking into consideration that most EMBA students are senior management members of enterprises, the curriculum lays much emphasis on improving students’ strategic management levels. Core courses build up students’ insight into economic affairs and improve their strategic management skills. A range of six electives focuses on specialized issues, and aims to develop students’ decision-making abilities. A number of different teaching approaches are used including case analysis, practicum, lectures and other activities.

  Integration of resources: Through integrating various aspects of the School, HUST has built a widespread social network among its EMBA students. This enables EMBA alumni to share their experience, and has created a critical mass of high-end enterprise leaders who are in a position to spur regional social and economic development.


  EMBA Education and Training center for Senior Management, HUST

  Address: Room 216, School of Management, No.1037, Luo Yu Road, Wuhan, China 430074


  Website: http://emba.hust.edu.cn/

  Tel. No.: 86-27-87557019

  Fax No.: 86-27-87543354


Release date:2015-05-01
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