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Conference Notice of 6th China Practice Management Forum (2015)

China•Practice•Management Forum is a high-level academic communication platform created by Chinese Journal of Management in collaboration with famous universities in China, aiming at promoting the implementation of the “Facing the Chinese Management Practice” policy of Department of Management Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation, discussing about important issues in China management practices as well as assisting the scientific development of China management practices.
During 2010 to 2014, the forum had been held for five times in different well-known universities. This time, the forum has set the topic as “Research and Practice on China’s Management in International Perspective”. Through deep communication between academics and practitioners, the forum attempts to systematically carry out theoretical discussion as well as practical exploration on China’s Management Research and Practical Issues which have gained increasing attention from the whole world to facilitate the innovation of local management research and practices in enterprises as well as manifest the responsible spirit of Chinese management scholars and entrepreneurs. We warmly welcome participants and contributions from all fields. Now, notify the following relevant matters:

Host: Chinese Journal of Management Office
Supporters: Department of Management Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation
  Sponsors: Business School of Sichuan University
School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Organizer: Business School of Sichuan University
Systems Engineering Society of Sichuan Province
Enterprise Operations Research Branch of Operations Research Society of China
Systems Science and Enterprise Development Research Center of Sichuan Province
Modern Information Management Research Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Modern Logistics and Commercial Development Research Center of Hubei Province
Time: 31st, October ~ 1st November, 2015
Location: Business School of Sichuan University
  Conference Theme: Research and Practice on China’s Management in International Perspective
  Conference Topics:
(1) Collaborative innovation and development under the “One Belt and One Road” strategy
(2) Research on China’s Entrepreneurial Management in the context of globalization
(3) International exploration and management innovations of Chinese enterprises
(4) Transformation and development of traditional enterprises’ organizations (culture) under the “new normal” circumstance
(5) “Internet+” and continuous transformation of enterprises
(6) Management decisions and analysis in the era of Mobile Internet
(7) Innovations of China’s local management theories and research methods
(8) Evaluation criterion and case studies of Chinese excellent enterprises
(9) Classical Management ideas of the West and the East and China’s Enterprise management practice
(10) Facing the research statues of Chinese management practices and expectations

Schedule: The deadline of paper submission is 15th September, 2015. The academic committee of this forum will select several excellent papers which will be recommended to publish on Chinese Journal of Management. (Please specify “Contribution for the Forum” on the paper and for the format, see also Chinese Journal of Management.)

Contributions for the forum:
(1) Business School of Sichuan University Contact person: Li Xiaoping
  Telephone: 028-85410276 E-Mail:lixiaoping@scu.edu.cn
(2) Editorial department of Chinese Journal of Management Contact person: Guo Kai
  Telephone: 027-87542154 E-Mail:glxbforum@foxmail.com

Academic Committee of China•Practice•Management Forum
  (In alphabetical order by pinyin of last name)
  Guo Chongqing, Liu Renhuai, Xu Shuying, Wang Yingluo, Wang Zhongtuo, Yang Shanlin, Yu Jingyuan
  Li Jingwen
  Deputy Chairman:
  Li Yijun, Tong Yunheng, Wang Fanghua, Wang Shouyang, Zhang Jinglong, Zhang Yuli, Zhu Guilong
  Committee Members:
  Chen Chunhua, Chen Jin, Gao Liangmei, Gu Jifa, Guo Yi, Lan Hailinm Li Xinchun, Liu Renjing, Liu Wenrui, Liu Zuoyi, Lu Yaobin, Luo Jiade, Mao Jiye, Ouyang Taohua, Qi Ershi, Qi Shanhong, Shen Chaohong, Sun Dongchuan, Tan Liwen, Tian Zhilong, Wang Hui, Wang Liping, Wu Yajun, Xie Kang, Xu Erming, Xu Jiuping, Xu Zheng, Yan Aiming, Yang Baiyan, Yu Li, Zhang Kai, Zhang Zhixue, Zhou Changhui, Zhou Erhua

Release date:2015-06-02
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