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Wang Zongjun: Building an Advanced Assurance of Learning System to Improve the Training Quality of New Business Talents

  • 发布日期:2019-08-18
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On August 11, 2019, Wang Zongjun, Dean of our school was invited to attend the 65th Anniversary of the Major, the35th Anniversary of the School of Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, and the Forum of Management and Economics Discipline Development and gave a report. He fully exchanged ideas with the Deans and Secretaries of the business schools of more than 20 well-known universities and colleges in China, focusing on the topics of the construction of characteristic disciplines, the cultivation system of innovative talents in economic management and so on.

Professor Wang Zongjun pointed out that after a long period of efforts, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which calls for a new business education; the National Conference on Education has made it clear that the fundamental task of colleges and universities is to strengthen moral education and cultivate talents, and the fourth curriculum judgement also further emphasizes the evaluation of the whole process of talent cultivation quality and put forward new requirements for the quality and process of talent cultivation in business. With the world's largest economic management education supply system, China's economic management education has a large scale, including 13 majors and 12,422 stations, covering 1,205 universities and colleges, and 3.951 million students enrolled accounts for a quarter of all students in the world. With the development of the times, management discipline is facing the challenges brought by globalization, internationalization, domestic policies, technological innovation, new business schools, the difference of business development and so on. At the same time, it is also faced with the development opportunities from China's economic development, globalization, internationalization, domestic policies, technological innovation and so on.

Then, Professor Wang Zongjun shared the main measures of personnel training in our school. Based on the cultivation concept of characteristic, practice, interaction and integration, the school has established a training system of "one platform, five approaches and four groups" to promote the implementation of Assurance of Learning (AoL) system certified by AACSB, and has taken concrete measures in terms of internationalization, case teaching, laboratory construction (internship practice), and mutual growth for the training objectives of "global vision, elite awareness, innovative practice, and all-round development". By the formulation of incentive and support policies, teachers and students are encouraged to study and exchange overseas, participate in international academic conferences and study abroad, and support the holding of academic conferences and lectures to improve the level of internationalization. The implementation of "mutual growth" program, which forms the collaborative communities between the students and society, teachers, alumni and other students respectively, aims to achieve the all-round development.

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