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Issue 547 of Yuyuan Management Forum: Multi-objective optimization in settings with uncertainty

  • 发布日期:2019-09-12
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(Contribution/photo by Hu Meishan, reporter of News and Publicity Center of the School of Management) In morning of September 12, the Issue 547 of Yuyuan Management Forum was held successfully in the Classroom 207 of the School of Management. Professor Inneke Van of the University of Leuven gave an academic report on the theme of “Multi-objective optimization in settings with uncertainty”. Professor Wang Haijun, of the Department of Production Operation and Logistics Management of the School of Management hosted the lecture and warmly welcomed the arrival of Professor Inneke Van.

Professor Inneke Van

First, Inneke Van started from the certainty of engineering design to talk about several hypervolume models. Next, Inneke Van explained the reasons for applying the meta-model, he put forward the questions of putting output ‘f’ into input ‘x’ and then gave the corresponding explanation and the prediction formula. Finally, Inneke Van shared his findings that efficiency of searching could be highly improved by using SK algorithm, but he also concluded MOCBA would lose some efficiency when it was used to solve high interference.

Professor Wang Haijun

During the discussion session, Inneke Van enthusiastically answered the audiences’ questions and made a further explanation for the formula by drawing. At the end of the event, Wang thanked again for Inneke Van’s arrival and analysis of the report.

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