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Writing Sincerely and Transmitting Truth--The instructor of School of Management carry out the Warm Activities of Letters Delivery

  • 发布日期:2019-09-16
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(Article by Xu Xinyi, a reporter from the Press and Publicity Center of the School of Management) September has arrived, and students of the School of Management have returned to the campus one after another to start a new semester of study. At the beginning of the school, instructors at all levels of the school of management through their own letters, pen to write sincerely, strive to enter the students, to convey warmth to the students, convey the truth.

Instructor Yang Shadi placed handwritten letters on the cover of the growth files of Grade 2015 graduates, which recorded every student's four years of college growth, as well as memories and inspiration. In the face of the upcoming fork for the students of the Grade of 2018, Yang Shadi warm heart to each left a blessing.

Teng Hongda, secretary of the Communist Youth League of China (CYC) Central Committee, sent a letter to all prospective graduates of Grade 2016, expressing his concern for them with "choice", "discipline" and "cherish", hoping that they would cherish their last year of college and draw a perfect end to their college life.

Instructor Zhao Shuai through the form of letters to the 17-level management college students put forward supervision and expectations, hope that the junior students can be prepared for their own choice in advance, grasp the most important year in college. And called on the students to go out of the classroom, exercise, with abundant physical strength to face the daily study and life.


Zhang He, a instructor, sent ten sentences to the 18-year-old sophomore students, telling them the skills and methods of learning and living in concise and penetrating language, encouraging them to find a suitable way of learning and learn the wisdom of life from the book. At the same time, she expressed the hope that all the students of Grade of 2018, in her mind, all people are likely to become dark horse.

Student Affairs Group of The School of Management  insists on carrying out the activity of "writing sincerely and conveying true feelings" every semester, a personal letter, bearing the instructors' concern and love for the students of the school, bearing the warmth of the summer, and helping the students of the school to grow better.

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