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MBA Entrance Navigation | Dragon Boat Race-Comes with Shock!

  • 发布日期:2019-09-07
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At 8 a.m. on September 7, 2019 MBA freshmen of the School of Management were fully prepared for the visit to the beautiful Yujia Lake, the dragon boat race base. Dragon boat race is not only a sport and recreational activity, but also a display of the spirit of collective solidarity. The drummer is the soul of the dragon boat, directing the rhythm of the procession; The sailors are the executor of the technology, united as one and advancing together; The helmsman is the steersman of direction, controlling the direction of advance.

There are ten teams participating in the competition, including the team of Stars of full-time MBA, Extra-ordinaries of class 1911, Page of class 1912 and Thriving Prime of class 1918, each of which has its own team song and flag with unique features and styles, not only showing the coagulation of encouragement, but also representing the symbol of unity.

The race began in the students' strong expectations, with four dragon boats lined up on the lake, where each of the team members was in high spirits. With the clanging drums, "Dong, dong, dong", the sailors struggled to bend and paddle, driving the dragon boat towards the end with the resounding waves. The four teams were like the arrows, chasing after each other with high enthusiasm.

The competition entered the climax stage as students on the shore cheered for the fierce competition on the Yujia Lake from time to time with high enthusiasm. Team members show the astonishing momentum in the uniform paddle. The burst of cheers is not only the desire to win the championship, but also the spirit of unity and the display of the core spirit of common progress of MBAers.

After a race against time, the game drew to a close amid cheers. The team of Running Man of class 1917 ranks the third with 1'08'', the Beyond of class 1918 ranks the second with 1'05'' and the Flying Tigers of class 1916 won the championship with 1'03''. So far, the MBA dragon boat race is successfully concluded and everyone is brimming with youth in the face.

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