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The 22nd MBA Lecture Hall of Huazhong University of Science and Technology: Thinking and Layout of New Retail by Bestore

  • 发布日期:2019-10-26
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(Article by Chen Meilin and photo by Guo Xiaoxu, reporter from the Press and Publicity Center of the School of Management) On the afternoon of October 26, the 22nd MBA Lecture Hall of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was successfully held in the academic report hall of the School of Management. Yang Yinfen, President of Bestore Co., Ltd., was the Keynote Speaker on the theme of "Thinking and Layout of New Retail by Bestore". Luo Guang, Director of MBA Education Center, School of Management, attended and presided over the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Jin Lingzhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management, welcomed the arrival of President Yang Yinfen and expressed his appreciation and congratulations on the achievements made by alumni Yang. Director Luo Guang gave a brief introduction to President Yang Yinfen: Yang Yinfen, one of the founders of Bestore Co., Ltd. is currently the President and Secretary of the Party Branch of Bestore Co., Ltd. and Senior Leisure Snack researcher. Accurate decision-making, low-key and easy-going are his labels. Yang Yinfen said he was honored to return to her alma mater to communicate with MBA students.

Yang Yinfen said he was honored to return to her alma mater to communicate with MBA students. He started with the core values of Bestore, focusing on the historical background of the new retail, what is the new retail, and how to make layout by Bestore.

Yang Yinfen stressed that Bestore insists on providing a better experience with greater efficiency, and their core values are quality culture, happiness culture and family culture. He also mentioned that Bestore treats customers as family members, makes quality products, and promotes a quality life. Taking the slogan "do more with less" of JD as an example, he pointed out the nature of convenience, richness, cost and efficiency in the retail industry, thus leading to the introduction of the new retail background. Yang Yinfen pointed out that advances in information technology, mobile communication technology and digital technology have made connectivity ubiquitous; Social major imbalance has changed, and consumer demand also has changed, which bring consumption upgrading and consumption classification; Online dividends have passed, the market has become saturated and e-commerce penetration has begun to decline. New retail is a new form based on the integration of Internet enterprises and offline retailers.

Then, Yang Yinfen carried on the detailed explanation to the new retail. New retail is a pan-retail form centered on users' experience and driven by digital technology. Users' experience is beyond user expectations, shaping users' pleasant feelings, and pay attention to the uniqueness and scarcity of emotional value in product design; Digital technology-driven is to reconstruct the relationship among people, goods and markets, to lead the consumption change by technological change, and to lead the production change by consumption change; Pan-retail refers to all channels are the media, and all media are channels.

Afterwards, Yang Yinfen introduced the strategic layout of Bestore in the development process. He noted that the way of connections and decisions and the needs of value points are changing, while the nature of human and business that meets the needs of consumers does not change. Looking for direction in both variable and constant ways, Bestore ultimately determined three major layouts, namely guarantees high-end snacks on strategy, activates organization system, and keep lean management on operating.

In the question-and-answer session, Yang Yinfen had a more in-depth exchange with the trainees, and the students further deepened their understanding of Bestore and the new retail.Finally, the guests took a group photo, so far, the lecture concluded satisfactorily.

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