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  • Chen Weihua

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Public Finance
  • Research Interests

    Economics, Tax and Tax Planning, Behavioral Economics etc.
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Ph.D. (Majored in Management Science and Engineering), HUST, 2007

M.E. (Majored in Management Engineering), HUST, 2001

B.E. (Majored in Tax Management), HUST, 1998

Research Interests

Economics, Tax and Tax Planning, Behavioral Economics etc.

Consulting activities

As an undergraduate class teacher and class tutor in the accounting department, organizes career planning lectures every semester to provide career planning consulting services.

Case Studies

【1】Exit or innovation? The Difficult Choice of “Xiaofang’s Home”(National Top-100 Excellent Management Cases). 2017

【2】E-commerce Purchasing Tax Puzzles in the Case of Former Flight Attendants. 2016

【3】The Tax Planning of Multinational Enterprises from the Tax Avoidance of Apple Inc.. 2016

【4】The Strategist of Faw-Volkswagen under the Principle of Preferential Tax Revenue with Foreigners. 2014

Research Project

Research on the Influence of Real Estate Tax Reform on Residents' Behavior against the Background of Openness (2017.01-2020.12). National Natural Science Fund of China.

Representative Research Papers

【1】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Rethinking on Improving Tax Compliance of China's Real Estate Tax [J]. China. Real. Estate, 2014.12:45-48.

【2】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Rethinking of "Hongshan Model" of Public Rental Housing in Wuhan [J]. China. Real. Estate, 2013.8:39-42.

【3】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Regulation and Control Measures of Real Estate in European Countries and Its Enlightenment to China [J]. China. Real. Estate, 2013. 9:72-76.

【4】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. A P-S Method EWS Based on AHP for Financial Crisis Management[J]. 2010 International Conference on Public Administration, Canberra, Australia, October 22-24, 2010.

【5】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Game Analysis of Multiple Equilibrium for Financial Crisis[J]. 2009 International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Business Intelligence, 2009. Beijing, China.

【6】Chen Weihua. Tax Tactics of Low Tax Rate for Real Estate Enterprises [J]. China. Real. Estate,2008.4:61-63.

【7】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Study on the P-S Method Early Warning System of Financial Crisis, Study of International Finance, 2007, No.4, 51-55.

【8】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. A Study on the Contagion and prevention of currency crisis [J]. Productivity Research,2007.3:33-34.

【9】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. Study on the Impulse-Contagion Mechanism of Financial Crisis[J]. The Sixth Wuhan International Conference on E-business (WHICEB2007), 2007, Wuhan, China:1754-1760.

【10】Chen Weihua, Zhang Rui. The Herd Behavior of Currency Crisis and Government Strategies [J]. Statistics & Decision, 2006.16:48-50.

【11】Chen Weihua. Data Mining, CRM and Customer Privacy [J]. Science and Technology Management Research,2005,25(7):143-145.

【12】Chen Weihua. Knowledge Management and Data Mining for CRM [J]. Science and Technology Management Research, 2004, 24(4):112-115.

【13】Chen Weihua. Creating Customer Knowledge Competence and Managing Customer Relationship Strategically [J]. Management Review, 2004, 16(5):50-53.

【14】Chen Weihua. The Comparison of Strategic CRM and Tactical CRM Based on Case Studies [J]. Science and Technology Management Research, 2003, 23(6):29-32.



Managerial Economics, 192 Teaching Hours

Behavioral Economics, 160 Teaching Hours

Behavioral Economics and Management, 32 Teaching Hours

Macroeconomics, 360 Teaching Hours

Tax Planning, 32 Teaching Hours

Microeconomics,304 Teaching Hours

Tax System of China, 72 Teaching Hours


Managerial Economics, 1088 Teaching Hours

International Tax Project, 32 Teaching Hours

Macro-economy Analysis, 48 Teaching Hours

Globalization and Chinese Macroeconomic Analysis, 16 Teaching Hours

Microeconomics Analysis, 32 Teaching Hours

Chinese Macroeconomic Analysis, 16 Teaching Hours

China’s Tax System and Tax Planning, 224 Teaching Hours