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  • Gong Xiaoguang

    Associate Professor
  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Management Science and Information Management
  • Research Interests

    Simulation of Management System, Supply Chain, Software Development and Management etc.
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Ph.D. (Majored in Management Science and Engineering), HUST, 2004

M.E. (Majored in Agricultural Economic), HZAU, 2001

B.E. (Majored in Trade and Economic), HZAU, 1998

Visiting and Training

Public Administration Research Course, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2009-July-2009-Aug.

Research Interests

Simulation of Management System, Supply Chain, Software Development and Management etc.

Project Experiences

[1]The National Natural Science Foundation of China “Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Organizational Structure Under Internet of Things: E-commerce Logistics is taken as example”, 2016-2020 (participate)

[2]The National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Fund):

Modeling and simulation of new product diffusion with multi-agent based on complex network theory. (No. 70701014), 2007-Dec.-2010-Dec.

[3] The National Natural Science Foundation of China (Surface Project): Emerging calculation of collective action facing the system evolution in emergency environmental. (No.60974076), 2009-Dec.-2012-Dec.

[4] Overall planning of Information management in Sanxin Mining Co., LTD, 2004-May.-2004-Dec.

Industrial Experience

Consulting activities: Feasibility study of toothpaste mixing automatic scheduling system, Guangzhou Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd., 2018.6

Grants and Awards

Instructed the Wesharp team to participate in the Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (project name: chopsticks document), and won the third prize of the school, 2016

Representative Research Papers

[1]Gong Xiaoguang. The System Dynamics Delay Analysis of Information Diffusion Process Under the Complex Network. System Simulation Specialized Committee of Chinese Association of Automation, Simulation Technology Application Specialized Committee of China Simulation Federation. 19th CCSSTA[C], 2018, 4.

[2]Gong Xiaoguang, Xiao Renbin. The Application of Management Simulation System under the background of supply chain, Electronic Industry Press, 2011, 5.

[3]Gong Xiaoguang. Management system continuous simulation and hybrid simulation, Hubei People's Press, 2008, 9.

[4]Gong Xiaoguang, Xiao Renbin. Research on Multi-Agent Simulation of Epidemic News Spread Characteristics. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 10 (3): Art. No. 1 JUN 2007. (SSCI)

[5]Gong Xiaoguang, Li Zhicheng, Hu, Bin. Qualitative simulation research on individual drive of researches and develops personnel. Management Science of China, 2005, Vol.13, No.2: 124-129.

[6]Gong Xiaoguang, Li Zhicheng, Hu, Bin. Process knowledge database based qualitative simulation of behavior stimulation, Journal of System Simulation, 2004.2, Vol.16, No.2: 289. (EI)

[7]Gong Xiaoguang, Li Zhicheng, Hu Bin. Qualitative simulation of human resources management system method, Industrial Engineering and Management 2004, No.6: 65-69. (EI)

[8]Gong Xiaoguang, Li Zhicheng. Study on multi-agent simulation of new product market diffusion. System Engineering Theory and Practice, 2003.11, Vol.23, No.12: 59. (EI)


Xiao Renbin, Gong Xiaoguang. Management System Simulation (Second Edition), Electronic Industry Press, 2016, 1.

Teaching (2014-2018)


Management System Simulation, 140 Teaching Hours

Advanced Programming Language (VB), 120 Teaching Hours

Operations Research, 280 Teaching Hours


Management Research Methodology, 16 Teaching Hours

Optimization Theory and Application in Management, 8 Teaching Hours