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  • Liao Jianqiao

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Business Administration
  • Research Interests

    Performance Management, Compensation, Power and Leadership
  • Telephone

    +86-27-87556484 (Office)




Ph.D. (Majored in Industrial Engineering), University of Toronto, 1990

M.A Sc. (Majored in Management Engineering), Tianjin University, 1984

B.E. (Majored in Civil Engineering), Chongqing Architecture Institute, 1982

Overseas Visiting and Training.

Visiting Scholar, Tokyo Science University, Japan, 2000-July-2000-Aug.

PCMPCL Program, Harvard Business School, USA, 2008-July-2008-Aug.

Consulting Experiences

Wuhan Huishen Company, 2014-2017

Jiangsu Phoenix Publish Co., Ltd., 2007- 2010

Hubei Changjiang Publish Co., Ltd., 2003-2006

Shenzhen Huawei Company, 1998

Guangdong Kelong Co., Ltd., 1997-1999

Research Interests

Performance Management, Compensation, Power and Leadership

Representative Research Papers

[1]Mao, J., Chiu, C., Owens, B. P., Brown, J. A. and Liao, J.. Growing Followers: Exploring the Effects of Leader Humility on Follower Self-Expansion, Self‐Efficacy, and Performance. Journal of Management Studies. 2019, 56(2): 343-371.

[2]Mao Jianghua, Liao Jianqiao, Han Yi, Liu Wenxing. The mechanism and effect of leader humility: An interpersonal relationship perspective. Journal of Acta Psychologica Sinica (in Chinese), 2017, 49(9): 1219-1233.

[3]Zhang Fawang, Liao Jianqiao. Ethical Leadership and Reporting of Ethical Problems: The Roles of Moral Potency and Moral Identity. Journal of Management Review (in Chinese), 2017, 29(12): 94-105.

[4]Liu, W., Zhang, P., Liao, J., Hao, P., & Mao, J.. Abusive supervision and employee creativity: the mediating role of psychological safety and organizational identification. Management Decision, 2016, 54(1):130-147.

[5]Liao Jianqiao, Shao Kanghua, Tian Ting. Narcissistic leader: problems and measures. Journal of Management Review (in Chinese), 2016, 28(6): 131-139.

[6]Liao Jianqiao. Performance Management in China: Reality, Problems and Future Direction. Journal of Management (in Chinese), 2013(6):781-788.

[7]Liao Jianqiao, Zhao Jun, Zhang Yongyun, Power Distance and its Effect on Chinese Leaders’ Behavior. Journal of Management (in Chinese), 2010, 7(7): 988-992.

[8]Liao Jianqiao, Cai Ting, Wen Peng, Incentive Coefficient: a New Concept to Measure Payment Fairness. Journal of HUST University, 2009, 23(5): 66-70.

[9]Liao Jianqiao, Chen Jianwen, Zhang Guangjin, An Empirical Study on Performance Characteristics of Knowledge Workers. Research and Development Management (in Chinese), 2008, 6:36-42.

[10]Liao Jianqiao, Zhang Ling, Liu Zhiqiang. Research on Gini Coefficient and the Equality of Income Distribution in Enterprises. Chinese Industrial Economy, 2006, 2:98-105.

11]Liao Jianqiao, 5P Model, A new Taxonomy of Human Resource Management, Journal of Management (in Chinese), 2004, 1:71-74.

Teaching (2014-2018)


Human Resource Strategy & Planning, 200 Teaching Hours

Organizational Behavior and Management, 24 Teaching Hours


Human Resource Management, 160 Teaching Hours

Modern Management Theory, 200 Teaching Hours

Organizational Behavior, 288 Teaching Hours