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  • Li Feng

    Associate Professor
  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Production Operations and Logistics Management
  • Research Interests

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Ph.D., Systems Engineering, Northeastern University, China, 2016

M.S., Systems Engineering, Northeastern University, China, 2010

B.S., Mathematics, Northeastern University, China, 2008

Overseas Visiting and Training

Visiting Scholar, Decision, Operations & Information Technologies, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park, USA, 2013-Aug.-2015-Sept.

Career History

Associate Professor, School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2017-Nov.-Present

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2016-Aug.-2017-Nov.

Research Grants

The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71801103, RMB 190,000 (Principal Investigator) 2019-2021

Journal Publications

【1】Tang Lixin, Li Feng, Chen Zhi-Long. Integrated Scheduling of Production and Two-Stage Delivery of Make-to-Order Products: Offline and Online Algorithms. INFORMS Journal on Computing. Online, 2019.

【2】Li Feng, Yang Dong, Wang Shuaian, Weng Jinxian. Ship Routing and Scheduling Problem for Steel Plants Cluster alongside the Yangtze. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2019, 122: 198-210.

【3】Li Feng, Zhang Yanyan, Wei Han, Lai Xiaofan. Integrated problem of soaking pit heating and hot rolling scheduling in steel plants. Computers and Operations Research, 2019, 108: 238-246.

【4】Li Feng, Chen Zhi-Long, Tang Lixin. Integrated Production, Inventory and Delivery Problems: Complexity and Algorithms. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2017, 29(2): 232-250.

【5】Tang Lixin, Li Feng, Liu Jiyin. Integrated scheduling of loading and transportation with tractors and semitrailers separated. Naval Research Logistics, 2015, 62(5): 416-433.

【6】Tang Lixin, Liu Jiyin, Yang Fei, Li Feng, Li Kun. Modeling and solution for the ship stowage planning problem of coils in steel industry. Naval Research Logistics, 2015, 62(7): 564-581.

【7】Tang Lixin, Gong Hua, Liu Jiyin, Li Feng. Bicriteria Scheduling on a Single Batching Machine with Job Transportation and Deterioration Considerations. Naval Research Logistics, 2014, 61(4): 269-285.


Excellent Supervisor Award in the MASTEEL Cup-the 6th National Contest On Logistics Design by University Students.

Teaching (2014-2018)


Transportation Management, 40 Teaching Hours

Frontier Research on Logistics Management, 4 Teaching Hours