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  • Liu Hua

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Public Finance
  • Research Interests

    Tax Policy Management, Corporate Governance, Theories and Practices of Finance etc
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Post-doctoral (Majored in Finance Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), 2007

Ph.D. (Majored in Management Science and Engineering), HUST, 2003

M.S. (Majored in Economics), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 1991

Industrial Experiences

Senior Analyst, People's Bank of China Wuhan Branch, 2004-Present

Economic adviser, Wuhan Zhonglong Information Co., Ltd., 2006-Present

Director, Wuhan Tax Research Council, 2007-Present

Independent Director, Wuhan Engineering Robotization Co., Ltd., 2009-Present

Research Interests

Tax Policy Management, Corporate Governance, Theories and Practices of Finance etc

Representative Research Papers

[1] Liu Hua, Wei Juan, Wu Lilan. Can Corporate Social Responsibility Inhibit Earnings Management? – A Quasi-Experiment of the Mandatory Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility Report, China Soft Science, 2016(4): 95-107.

[2] Xiao Ting, Liu Hua. The Study of Marketing Model, Top Management Teams and

Performance of Listed Real Estate Enterprise, Nankai Business Review, 2015, 18(1): 98-107.

【3】Liu Hua, Chen Lipeng, Xu Jianbin. The Impact of Tax remarkableness on Residents’ consumer behavior: Evidence from Individual Income Tax and Consumption Tax, Taxation Research, 2015 (3): 22-27.

【4】Liu Hua, Xu Jianbin. Transformation Under the Background of the Residents of Subjective Income Inequality and Redistribution Preferences-based on Empirical Research, Economic Perspectives, 2014(3): 48-59.

【5】Xu Jianbin, Liu Hua. The Impact of Social Capital on People’s Preference for Redistribution-An Analysis from the Social Network Perspective, Journal of Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology Social Science Edition, 2014, 28(2): 68-75.

【6】Xiao Ting, Liu Hua, Ye Peng. Influencing Factor for Service Innovation in Manufacturing Firms, Journal of management, 2014, 11(4): 591-598.

【7】Xu Jianbin, Liu Hua. Tax Equity, Income Gap and Redistribution: from a Microscopic Perspective, Journal of economic management, 2014, 36(3): 159-168.

【8】Xiao Ting, Liu Hua. Empirical Study on the Impacts of Productivity Heterogeneity in Chinese Service Industry on the Urban-rural Income Gap, Journal of Management Science, 2013, 26(4): 103-112.

【9】Xiao Ting, Liu Hua, Ye Peng. An Empirical Study on Relation between TMT Heterogeneity and Business Model Innovation Performance: Evidence from Listed Service Firms, Chinese Soft Science, 2013 (8): 125-135.

Teaching (2014-2018)


Finance, 40 Teaching Hours

Monetary Banking, 264 Teaching Hours


Macro-Economy Analysis, 24 Teaching Hours