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  • Lin Di

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property
  • Research Interests

    Innovation management
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Ph.D, (Management Science and Engineering: School of Management), Huazhong University of Science and Technology,1999

MA, (Low temperature Engineering: School of Energy Engineering), Huazhong University of Science and Technology,1995

Research Interests

Innovation management

Industry Experience

Consulting activities 2014-2018:Tianjin Jetonda Auto Investment Group Co., Ltd, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corp.

Consulting expert, Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, 2014-present

Case Studies

The Fall of the Old Electronic Superstars--Exploring the Truth of Sony's Decline. 2014

Representative Research Papers

【1】Lin Di. The perceptions of the competition trend in the space oligopoly market from M&A. Science Research Management. Vol.26,No.3 May, 2005 (in Chinese)

【2】Lin Di. The Analysis of Software Industrial R&D Realize. Science Research Management. Vol.19,No.4, 1998 (in Chinese)

【3】Lin Di. Risk Investment and High-tech Industry Development in China. Science Research Management. Vol.19,No.5, 1998 (in Chinese)

Teaching (2014-2018)


Principle of Management, 512 Teaching Hours