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  • Mai Yiyuan

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property
  • Research Interests

    Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprise Management of Technology
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Ph.D. (Majored in Business Administration), Business School of Nankai University, 2001.

M.E. (Majored in Business Administration), South-Central University for Nationalities, 1998.

B.E. (Majored in Business Administration), South-Central University for Nationalities, 1995.

Overseas Visiting and Training

Teaching Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (TETA),Babson College, USA, March, 2012

Visiting Scholar, University of Bath, UK,2006- Jan.-2006- Dec.

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprise Management of Technology

Research Projects

[1] Research on the Influence of Entrepreneurial Team's Cognitive System and Knowledge Integration on the Competence of New Ventures in Unexpected Events, 2014-2017. National Natural Science Fund of China.

[2] Research on the Key Issues of Innovation-driven Development, 2013-2014. National Soft Science Research Project.

Academic Engagement

Reviewer of Chinese Journal of Management, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Management World.

Representative Research Papers

【1】Ye Zhuxin Mai Yiyuan. Explorative Improvisation and Exploitative Improvisation: A Study on Entrepreneurial Improvisation from the Ambidexterity Perspective. Nankai Business Review,2018,21(04):15-25.

【2】Mai Yiyuan, Ye Zhuxin,Chen Shuhua. From emergency strategies to organizational routines: study on new enterprises’ improvisational strategy in transition economies.Management World,2015(08):147-165.

【3】Li Yi Mai Yiyuan. Advertising Expenditure,R&D Investment and Brand Equity of New Ventures.Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management,2016,30(03):81-89.

【4】Xiong Chan Mai Yiyuan He Xiaobin Xiao Renqiao. A Study on Operational Efficiency of Hi-tech Startups in China Based on DEA Methods. Journal of Management Science,2014,27(02):26-37.

【5】Yiyuan Mai, How On-the-job Embeddedness influences New Venture Creation and Growth, Journal of Small Business Management (SSCI), 2013.10. (with Y Zheng.)

【6】Yiyuan Mai, The Mobility of Nascent Entrepreneur’s Social Capital and Venture Gestation, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 2010.2(with X Gu. & Q Ye)

【7】Yiyuan Mai, Venture Capitalists’ Herd Behavior: Theoretical Analysis of Chinese Venture Capital Market, Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vol.4,No.1, 2010,107-127(with Li Y. & W Hu. & Z Li)

【8】Yiyuan Mai,Entrepreneurial opportunities, capacities and entrepreneurial environments: Evidence from Chinese GEM data, Chinese Management Studies. Vol.1, No.4, 2007,(with Z Gan.)

【9】Yiyuan Mai, The Driven Motivation for Innovative Entrepreneurship, Science Research Management, Vol.31, No.5, 2010, 9(with S Zhou)(in Chinese)

【10】Yiyuan Mai, How Job Embeddednedd Influences New Venture Creation by High-tech Employees, Nankai Business Review, Vol.12,No.2,2009,67-74(with S Zhou.& L Mei.) (in Chinese)

【11】Yiyuan Mai, Will Work Experience Certainly Help the Entrepreneurial Process: Analysis of Work-based Embedded,Nankai Business Review, No.2, 2011, 144 -149(with X Gu) (in Chinese)

Teaching (2014-2018)


Entrepreneurship, 8 Teaching Hours


Entrepreneurship, 344 Teaching Hours

Managerial Economics, 32 Teaching Hours