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  • Yan Jun

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Business Management
  • Research Interests

    Online Review, Social Media Advertising, Service Quality and Recovery, Marketing Ethics, Socially Responsible/Green Consumer Behavior, etc.
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Ph.D. (Majored in Business Management), Wuhan University


M.Sc. (Majored in Business Management), Wuhan University


B.Sc. (Majored in Textile Engineering), Wuhan Textile University

Overseas Visiting and Training


Visiting Scholar, Louisiana State University, USA, Aug. 2011-Jan. 2012


Visiting Scholar, Emory University, USA, Feb. 2012-Jul. 2012

Courses Taught


Internet Marketing, Marketing Engineering, Service Marketing, etc.

Research Interests

Online Word-of-Mouth, Social Media Marketing, Service Quality and Recovery, Marketing Ethics, Socially Responsible/Green Consumer Behavior, etc.

International Journal Publications

Sharma, Amalesh, V. Kumar, Yan, Jun* (Corresponding Author), Borah, Sourav Bikash, Adhikary, Anirban, Understanding the Structural Characteristics of a firm’s whole buyer-supplier network and its impact on International Business Performance, Journal of International Business Studies. 2019,50(3), 365–392 (SSCI, UTD24)

Yaping Chang, You Li, Jun Yan and V. Kumar. Getting More Likes: The Impact of Narrative Person and Brand Image on Customer brand Interactions. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47(6)1027–1045. (SSCI, FT50)

Ibrahim A. Alghwai, Jun Yan*(Corresponding Author), C. Wei. Professional of Interactive: CEOs’ Image Strategies in the Microblogging Context, Computers in Human Behavior, 2014(41):184-189 (SSCI)

Jun Yan, Qiuling She, Developing A Trichotomy Model to Measure Socially Responsible Behaviour in China, International Journal of Market Research, 2011,53(2):253-274(SSCI)

Jin-Feng Wu, Ya Ping Chang, Jun Yan, De-Lin Hou Online product category and pricing strategies of land-based retailers. Internet Research. Jan 2019, 29 (1):245-270. (SSCI)

Xuebing Dong, Yaping Chang, Yawei Wang, Jun Yan, Understanding Usage of Internet of Things (LOT) System in China: Cognitive Experience and Affect Experience as Moderator, Information Technology & People, 2017, 30(1):117-138 (SSCI)

Vilasini De Silva, Jun Yan, Predictors of Attitudinal Outcomes in Mobile Advertising in Sri Lanka: An Emerging Market, International Journal of Marketing Studies, 2016, 8(3):129-144

Yaping Chang, Jun Yan, Jing Luo. Online In-Game Advertising Effect: Examining the Influence of Match Between Games and Advertising, Journal of Interactive Advertising, 2010, 11(1):63-73

Yaping Chang, Yan Jun. Benz Car Destroyed in China-A Case of Cross-Cultural Marketing. Journal of Euromarketing. 2002,12 (2): 71-87 (EBSCO)

Chinese Journal Publications

Jun Yan, Shaolong Hu, Yaping Chang. An Empirical Study on the Impact of Service Recovery on Customer Loyalty in Network Environment. Chinese Journal of Management. 2013, 10 (10), 1512-1519 (in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Yinbo Jiang, Yaping Chang. Relationship Between Motives and Behavior of eWord-of-Mouth. Management Review, 2011, 23(12):84-91 (in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Xin He. An Empirical Study on The Motives of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Consumers. Economic Management Journal, 2010, 32(8):99-105(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Qiuling She. Exploring the Psychological Mechanism of Consumer Boycotting: Using Grounded Theory. Journal of Marketing Science, 2010.6(2):98-110(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Qiuling She. A Measurement of Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior, Journal of Management science. 2009,22(02):73-82(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Lirui Chen. Determinants of Marketing Manager’s Ethical Sensitivity in a Transitional Economy: A perspective of Individual Cultural Character. Chinese Journal of Management. 2009,6(10),1399-1406(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Lirui Chen, An Appraisal Model of Marketing Ethical Quality of Online Dealers. Chinese Journal of Management, 2008,5(6) 871-886(in Chinese)

Jun Yan. Western Business Ethics Decision: Theory and Model. Productivity Research, 2005 (08):167-169 (in Chinese)

Jun Yan. A model of Cross-Cultural Business Ethical Decision-Making Based on the Social Contract Theory. Zhejiang Social Science, 2005(01):205-208(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Xiongwen Lu. Research on Human Resource Management of Japanese Firms in China. Economic Management Journal, 2005, (15):80-84(in Chinese)

Jun Yan, Ping Tao. Systematic Countermeasures in Promoting Business Ethics. Contemporary Finance, 2003(01):103-105(in Chinese)

Jun Yan. Pay Attention to the Practical Significance of Ethics Construction to Enterprises. Jiangsu Commercial Forum, 2003 (02):83-84 (in Chinese)

Jun Yan. Determinants of Green Consumption Behavior and Marketing Implications. Journal of Beijing University of Industrial and Commercial, 2003(02):56-58(in Chinese)

Jun Yan. The Internal Marketing of Service Enterprises. Commercial Research, 2003(14):39-40(in Chinese).


Yaping Chang, Jun Yan. Code of Corporate Ethics. Beijing: China Economic Publishing House. September 2005. ISBN:7-5017-6936-2 (in Chinese)