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  • Zhang Zhaoguo

  • Subordinate unit

    Department of Accounting
  • Research Interests

    Capital Structure, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, etc.
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Ph.D. (Majored in Management Science and Engineering), HUST, 2000

M.E. (Majored in Accounting), ZNUFE, 1990

B.E. (Majored in Accounting), ZNUFE, 1985

Overseas Visiting and Training

Visiting Scholar, The Baruch College, City University of New York, 2013-Aug.-2013-Sep.

Industrial Experiences

Independent Director, Beijing Dong Fang Hong space Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Liyuan

Independent Director, Hubei radio and television information network Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, Shenzhen Zhongheng Huafa industrial Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, Eastern Gold Co., Ltd.

Research Interests

Capital Structure, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, etc.

Representative Research Papers

【1】Zhang Zhaoguo, Zheng Baohong, Li Ming.Corporate Governance, Tax Avoidance and Value of Cash Holdings. Nankai Business Review(in Chinese), 2015, No.1.

【2】Zhang Zhaoguo, Wu Weirong, Chen Xueqin.Study on the Impact of Signing Certified Public Accountants’Background Characteristics upon Audit Quality. China Soft Science Magazine(in Chinese), 2014, No.11.

【3】Zhang Zhaoguo, Liu Yawei, Yang Qingxiang.Research on Management Tenure, Promotion Incentive and R&D Investment . Accounting Research(in Chinese), 2014, No.9.

【4】Zhang Zhaoguo, Jin Xiaocui, Li Gengqin.An Empirical Study on the Interactive and Inter-temporal Influence between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance. Accounting Research(in Chinese), 2013, No.9.

【5】Zhang Zhaoguo, Jin Xiaocui, Yang Qingxiang, Zhang Yi. An Empirical Study on the Institutional Factors of Energy Conservationand Emissions Reduction: Evidence from Listed Companies in China. EnergyPolicy 2013, 6: 36-42. (SCI)

【6】Zhang Zhaoguo, Liu Yawei, Qi Xiaolin.Research on Management Background Characteristics, Promotion Incentive and Over-investment.Nankai Business Review(in Chinese), 2013, No.4.

【7】Zhang Zhaoguo, Liu Yongli, Li Gengqin.Comparison and Choice of Accounting Conservatism Measurement Method . Accounting Research(in Chinese), 2012, No.2.

Teaching (2014-2018)


Financial Statement Analysis, 320 Teaching Hours

Financial Management, 28 Teaching Hours

Financial Management Theory and Practice, 384 Teaching Hours

Advanced Financial Management Theory and Practice, 96 Teaching Hours

Accounting, 16 Teaching Hours