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Issue 548 of Yuyuan Forum: Stretch Goals and Resource Allocation Investments in New Innovations

  • 发布日期:2019-09-25
  • 点击数:


(Contribution/photo by Huang Lanqian, reporter of News and Publicity Center of the School of Management) On September 25, the Issue 97 of Yuyuan Management Forum in 2019 was held successfully in the Classroom 219 of the School of Management. Associate Professor Miles Yang of the Macquarie University communicated with participants on the theme of “Stretch Goals and Resource Allocation Investments in New Innovations”. Professor Liu Zhiqiang of the Department of Business and Administration of the School of Management chaired the forum.

Associate Professor Miles Yang

First of all, Liu Zhiqiang welcomed the arrival of Miles Yang and introduced his rich teaching experience and academic achievements in Australia. His main research fields are Strategy and Innovation Management, Behavior Strategy, Organizational Goal Setting, Destructive Innovation, Innovation Opportunity Management, Behavioral Experiment Method and so on. Taking GM’s enterprise decision-making and selection as an example, Miles Yang introduced the expansion of business objectives and the impact of resource allocation on the current economic development. A great deal of relevant research literature shows that the allocation of resources for an enterprise between existing products and innovation opportunities is quite challenging. However, Miles Yang added that there is very limited research data on the measures for companies to stimulate managers to explore more innovative opportunities. On this basis, he carried out an empirical study of “Stretch Goals and Resource Allocation Investments in New Innovations”, which contradicted with the prevailing view in the current literature on goal setting. His experimental results showed that the difficulty of organizational goals was inversely related to managers’ investment in new opportunities.

Professor Liu Zhiqiang of the Department of Business and Administration.

During the discussion, Miles Yang shared the delivery process of his theses and gave guidance to the present students.

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