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Leyard Group Where the Alumni, Li Jun, Serves as the Chairman Presents Its gift of "Screen" Strength to the Motherland!

  • 发布日期:2019-10-01
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Li Jun, Chairman and CEO of Leyard Group, graduated from the School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in 1985, serves as the President of Zhongguancun LED Industrial Technology Alliance, Special Committee Member of Zhongguancun Entrepreneur Advisory Committee, and Top 10 Celebrities in 2012, which makes him an outstanding enterprise leader.

On October 1, 2019, the 70th anniversary celebration ceremony of the People's Republic of China was held in Tian'anmen Square, Beijing. In the sound of 70 salutes, the national flag escort team started from the Monument to the People's Heroes and escorted the national flag to the flag hoisting place of Tian'anmen Square, which implied the extraordinary course of the Chinese Nation during the 179 years since 1840. It also unveiled the proscenium curtain of celebration today.


Leyard's Contribution To the 70th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony of the People's Republic of China:

6 Ultra HD 4K LED Display Screens

As a global leader in audio-visual technology, who served multiple national events like National Day Celebration, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, SCO Summit, Belt and Road Initiative, etc., Leyard Group has been resonating with the pulse of the era. At the moment of the 70th anniversary for the People's Republic of China, it presents its gift of "screen" strength to the motherland!.

The Public Watching the Ceremony Displayed on the Screen

The Brightest Spot: Red Ribbon + LED Display Screen, Connecting History and Future

This year, two "red ribbons" themed landscape sculptures have been built on the east and west sides of the square, which are solemn and flexible, implying that red gene connects history, reality and future, and symbolizing the glorious course of the Party's leading Chinese revolution from victory to victory. In the main positions of the "red ribbons", 6 ultra-high-definition 4KLED display screens are symmetrically set on the left and right, including "Screen for the East-West Roads Viewing Area", "Screen for the Rostrum Viewing Area" and "Screen for the Public Viewing Area on the Square", with a total area of 1,656 square meters, which is the utilization of outdoor LED display screens with the largest area and best displaying effect for the major national affairs over the years.

All of the 6 LED display screens and their integration systems are provided, maintained and operated by Leyard Group at the site to ensure the in-site experience of National Day Celebration and perfect presentation of 4K ultra-high-definition live broadcast. This is the another gift of Leyard to the motherland with "Made in China" and global quality after the 50th and 60th  anniversaries of the founding celebration for the People's Republic of China.


More Brilliant Red Ribbon and LED Display Screen in the Night

The Most Vivid Thing: Parade Floats Optimized by the LED Display Technology

Parade floats have always been a unique and beautiful scenery in the National Day Celebration. They serve as the "super business cards", reflecting the beauty of the motherland and happy life of the public everywhere. In particular, the more and more applications of LED display technology optimized the parade floats with science and technology.

This year, Leyard provides LED display products and technical support to "Chinese Culture" themed float, Wing Spreading themed float of Liaoning, Magnificent Three Qins themed float of Shaanxi and Charming Chongqing themed float.


"Chinese Culture" Themed Float


When 70,000 peace doves flew high and 70,000 balloons rose, the 70th anniversary celebration ceremony of the People's Republic of China ended successfully in the passionate melody of Ode to the Motherland. Leyard did not fail to fulfill their mission and presented a visual feast to the world again.

For 24 years, Leyard has been engaged in "screen" strength, serving every important moment of the Republic and witnessing every grand occasion of the motherland:

50th anniversary celebration ceremony of the People's Republic of China in 1999

60th anniversary celebration ceremony of the People's Republic of China in 2009

70th anniversary celebration ceremony of the People's Republic of China in 2019

In the 50th anniversary celebration ceremony, Leyard made the first special-shaped outdoor full-color LED screen in the world, which realized the video and picture playing while traveling for the first time.

Giant Banner Display Screen Made by Leyard on Tian'anmen Square

So far, every step that Leyard has taken has left the solid footprints one by one! Prosper the country with science and technology, serves the nation with industry, bear the heavy trust, and never forget the original aspiration. We feel that "the prosperity of the motherland means the prosperity of the enterprises". 5,000 employees of Leyard at home and abroad will continue to be dedicated to innovation and strive to build a world-renowned Chinese brand with outstanding performance, and contribute their intelligence and strength to the prosperity of the great motherland!

The videos and pictures are collected from CCTV News, China Youth Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily and Xinhuanet.com